Helios Fire Systems provide innovative technologies and advanced, state-of-the-art solutions to protect your business against fire. Full project management by our in house team of engineers is provided for ease, speed and complete peace of mind.



Early Warning Targeted Detection


Targeted Fire Suppression


Early Warning Flame Detection


Infrared Early Fire Detection


Automatic Spark Detection

Fire Mist

High Pressure Mist


Extinguishing Solution


Miniature Fire Extinguisher

About Helios

Helios FS offer a range of products and services to suit your business. We are the exclusive UK distributor for Europe’s leading fire detection and suppression products – E-DETECT, PYROsmart®, A.T.F.S™, Coldfire, Fire-mist™, AMFE and E-Bulb.


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Waste & Recycling

PYROsmart® | A.T.F.S. | Cold Fire™
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Data Storage

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Bulk Storage

PYROsmart® | A.T.F.S.

Pyrosmart In Action

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