iDetect is a thermal camera that measures infrared radiation that is invisible to the human eye, but can be detected in the form of heat. This is achieved by the use of sensors that measure the amount of infrared radiation (heat) transmitted from an object or within any given area.

The measurements are then processed using specifically designed software, which visually displays heat readings via high resolution images or video. Hot spots or areas with higher temperatures display as brighter areas on the image in comparison to areas with cooler temperatures, which present darker.

iDetect protects against fires breaking out by quickly detecting any hotspots within the production facility and raises an alarm, consequently preventing fires from happening.

Applications in Industry

  • Waste and recycling plants
  • Food maufacturers
  • Storage and handling facilities
  • Transport and power generation

System Features

  • Precise extinguishing agent deployment
  • Water or powder can be used as extinguishing agent
  • Large throw ranges
  • Safely reaching the burning material over large distances
  • Intuitive operation

Software Features

  • Full remote control of all infrared cameras
  • Thermal evaluation of objects with automatic detection of hot or cold spots
  • Easy integration process
  • Recording functions and analysis of data
  • Differ inspection zones configuration
  • Email notification of alarms or notification by digital output.
  • Discrimination system, consisting of alarms and pre-alarms to avoid false alarms


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