FLAMESCAN - Early warning flame detection

FLAMESCAN FCam Series is a revolutionary fire detection solution, combining infrared and visual feeds with built-in algorithms creating the most accurate, reliable fire detection solution available today. Able to detect a semi-concealed 40cm pan fire at 180m and a lighter flame at 10m, typically in under 10 seconds, inside or outside, both day or night, the FCam is so sensitive that it is able to dramatically cut vital response times. Meaning a potential disaster at a waste processing facility turns into a harmless incident.

Application in Industry

  • Waste – Waste Disposal and recycling facilities are the industrial properties most vulnerable to fire. A study conducted by the Chief Fire Officers Association of the UK found there to have been an average of 250 waste fires a year over the last 10 years, at a cost of £16 million (US$20.7 million).


  • Immediate notification of fire
  • Visual and InfraRed image processing analytics
  • Able to locate and notify of small fires at up to 180m distance within just a few seconds
  • Integrates seamlessly into any existing fire alarm and/or CCTV systems, or can stand alone
  • Instant notification to staff on site, responders off site and (via a remote monitoring centre) the Fire and Rescue Service and any keyholders
  • Live image video feed
  • Full certification to BS5839-1 for the design and commissioning of the system


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