Wherever conventional fire alarm systems do not detect a fire or are too late in doing so, e.g smoke detectors, smoke aspiration systems, thermal differential wires PYROsmart® is a specially developed camera and software system which precisely detects temperature irregularities in real time.

Every year, companies are affected by over 300 fire-related, large-scale emergencies. According to fire insurance companies, 70% of companies affected by such incidents go bankrupt immediately or within the following year.

Often the focus of many companies is the everyday running of business, which means that, even when circumstances and conditions change, fire prevention is often not modified or updated accordingly. Think of the cost implications caused by production losses or partial operational shut-down due to fire and compare this with the cost of optimising the early fire detection system.

We focus on the critical indicators of where a fire might start and plan a reliable system which recognises potential fire risks early on – BEFORE a fire breaks out, effectively preventing this from happening. Our know-how is based on many years of practical experience in the area of developing and planning infrared systems.

Areas of Application

PYROsmart is a specially developed camera and software system which precisely detects temperature irregularities in real time. The system consists of a highly sensitive infrared thermal imaging camera and a video camera in an enclosed casing. Using a specially developed pan and tilt drive, the system constantly scans radiometric high-resolution data of the area being monitored. All the recorded data is assimilated to an accurately detailed thermographic panoramic image using our patented software (abiroVision®).

Pyrosmart Product Range

  • Recycling Plants
  • Waste wood processing
  • Outdoor Depots (e.g tyre stores)
  • In-waste incineration plants
  • Container warehouses
  • Fuel Depots


  • Panoramic thermal imaging – Seamless, radiometric close-ups are possible for the first time.
  • Patented technology – abiroVision® seamlessly combines individual thermal images to create a constantly updated panoramic thermal image for a complete surveillance area.
  • High measurement accuracy – Thanks to thermal images with a resolution of up to 16,500 x 9,600 pixels.
  • Details at a glance – An integrated zoomable video camera – enabling quick 360° diagnosis with visual and infrared images on one user interface.
  • Easy operation – The touch-screen functions and displays have been reduced to the essentials so that the operator can concentrate on the tasks relevant to safety.
  • Universal use – The system can be operated outdoors and in dusty environments without any difficulties thanks to the integrated heating and cooling system and a cleaning device for the optical equipment.
  • Practically maintenance-free – Precise, high-quality drive for continuous operation and special interior cables for pan and tilt drives.
  • Compatible with central fire alarm systems – Integrated fire alarm outputs for all current fire alarm systems.
  • Central control – Trouble-free operation of several PYROsmart systems with just one operating terminal.
  • Optional extinguishing operation – Targeted control of one or more fire-fighting monitors to extinguish hot spots entirely automatically.
  • Modular expansion – The system can be expanded at any time with further cameras and workstations.
  • Simple maintenance – Technical expertise is not required to replace the devices. Simply unscrew the four fixing screws, disconnect the power supply and network cable – job done. Following replacement, the system restarts and applies all settings automatically


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