New name. New look. New website

Marking the formation of Helios Fire Systems, we are delighted to unveil our new branding as we embark on an exciting expansion phase for the business.

Here at Helios Fire Systems, we provide advanced, state-of-the-art solutions to protect your business and the local environment from the huge risks of fire. The newly created logo has been designed with the concept of protection and defence in mind.

The ‘H Shield’ emblem embodies the values of trust, confidence and credibility already associated the Helios brand. A strong visual was required to reflect Helios’ reputation and the quality and calibre of our fire safety products and systems.

As you explore the website you’ll see the use of new contemporary, high-tech style font and rich reds to reinforce the message of strength and reliability.

All of our individual products (like ATFS – our Automatic Targeted Fire Suppression system) have detailed overviews available on the site, as well as information on the types of industries and applications that Helios can support.

Garry Adey, Managing Director at Helios Fire Systems adds: “These new developments provide the perfect foundation as we enter the next phase of our business growth and expansion.

“Our systems are recognised and approved by some of the world’s leading insurers and can be the key factor in protecting your business against financial impact and business interruption. So, whether you are responsible for fire safety within waste and recycling facilities, aviation, data storage, petro-chem, bulk storage or other high value facilities, we would welcome the opportunity to meet and demonstrate the Helios Fire Systems range.

If you’d like to learn more about how our fire suppression and detection systems can protect your business, email Garry today.


Stay tuned for further news, events and insight to the latest technologies in fire safety and please follow us on our new social media accounts!