E-DETECT: the solution to stop electrical fires before they start

Helios has introduced a new pre-ignition solution to protect against electrical fires: E-DETECT.

E-DETECT monitors for temperature changes and delivers real-time updates, with the early warning alert activating at 80°C. The heat-sensing component can be attached to individual appliances, distribution boards or more complex electrical systems.

It is more intuitive than existing protective devices such as MCBs and RCDs because it responds to excessive heat caused by wiring faults and overloads – one of the leading causes of an electrical fire. Building and facilities managers, ‘Responsible Persons’ for fire safety, architects, those specifying fire systems or anyone else involved in decision-making and overseeing fire safety will benefit from using the E-DETECT system.

E-DETECT offers 24/7 monitoring and sensors can easily be retrofitted to existing appliances and systems too. The patented technology has been independently tested and is compliant with all wiring regulations in the UK.

An optional isolation feature can be used to configure an RCD or similar device to stop electrical current, reducing risk even further. E-DETECT connects to existing fire alarm systems and alerts the relevant person via Helios REACT, fire panel or Building Management Systems.

Garry Adey, Managing Director at Helios comments: “The top cause of fire in commercial offices is electrical distribution, accounting for 32%, while cooking appliances were the source of ignition in 48% of accidental dwelling fires . By implementing a pre-ignition solution, electrical fires can be prevented before they start, keeping occupants safe and reducing the risk of damage to any building.”

“The Association of British Insurers report that around 90% of private businesses never recover from fire . E-DETECT is a simple solution to help get ‘peace of mind’ in your fire safety practices.”

“E-DETECT means we can help protect your building from the risk of fire throughout its entire lifecycle, from initial construction through to final install and ongoing occupation. Pre-ignition solutions help stop a fire before it starts. Vending machines, photocopiers, coffee makers, high-rise building electrical boards – the list of appliances and systems that benefit from E-DETECT is endless.”

E-DETECT is available in 3 variants: multi-point sensor from 2 to 18 points and single point options with both PTC and Non-PTC options. All are compliant to RoHS directive 2011/65/EU and components are housed within flame-retardant ABS Plastic.


Are you responsible for fire safety and detection of a commercial or residential building? Looking for advice on how to upgrade and improve your electrical safety? Email Garry Adey now at garry@heliosfiresystems.uk or call 0161 226 1885 to find out more information. Click here to view the E-DETECT brochure.


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