FLAMESCAN Fcam product image

Reduce risk with FLAMESCAN – new from Helios Fire Systems

Helios Fire Systems today launches the FLAMESCAN FCam series, the ultimate in video fire detection technology. FLAMESCAN is a new range of three video cameras that combine innovative fire detection and surveillance to recognise multiple semi-concealed fires in less than 12 seconds. The ‘all in one’ IP based system features dual-lens capability, immediately detecting flame both indoors and outdoors, at a distance of up to 180 metres in challenging environments, weather conditions and light levels. FLAMESCAN is ideal for the waste industry, where disposal and recycling facilities are the most vulnerable to fire.

FLAMESCAN cameras in 3 different varieties

FLAMESCAN uses incredibly accurate infrared (IR) signature alongside a visual feed to instantly detect fire, unlike standard IR flame detection cameras which wait for the presence of heat. Working flawlessly in environments where chemicals, dust and vapour gather, a built-in filter detects IR light helping to prevent false alarms.  The dual-lens technology means the majority of the time, FLAMESCAN acts as a standard surveillance camera. When it detects the presence of a flame, an alarm will sound within seconds. Instant notification goes to staff on-site, responders off-site, the Fire and Rescue services and any keyholders.

Garry Adey, MD at Helios Fire Systems adds: “Sometimes standard IR flame detection equipment can get a false reading from any heat-producing equipment, whether that be an engine, generator or even things like flashing beacons. FLAMESCAN is different because it confirms the presence of an actual flame, while a traditional smoke detector might only activate once the damage is done. Using FLAMESCAN in conjunction with our ATFS fire suppression systems will stop the risk in seconds, as quickly and accurately as possible.” 

Helios Fire Systems has highly skilled integration partners, who are always ready to advise on the tailor-made fire protection your business could benefit from and be there to support throughout its lifespan. For more information on FLAMESCAN, click here or email andy@heliosfiresystems.uk to register your interest.