Electrical products throughout the home and in industry pose an increased danger of electrical faults, or even fires. Globally, more than 30% of all fires are caused by electric or electronic equipment or installations. With the inherent risk of fire from electric devices, danger for life and loss of property or equipment values increases with the number of such devices around us.

Following the vision “A world where everyone is protected everywhere and anytime”, Helios has developed solutions to detect and extinguish electric fires when they are still small and in an early stage. With the internationally protected E-Bulb, Helios has designed a reliable system that detects heat inside an electric device (e.g. from fire), extinguishes the fire and – most importantly – prevents a fire from re-igniting by interrupting the electric power supply.

For protection of life and property, thermally activated glass bulbs are billion-fold successfully used in the global sprinkler industry. The glass bulb breaks at a defined temperature; the sprinkler opens and releases water onto the fire to effectively extinguish. The Helios Systems E-Bulb is the next evolutionary product development step, building upon the proven technology and outstanding quality of our sprinkler bulbs.

Helios Systems E-Bulb is filled with 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluid. This non-toxic, non-conductive extinguishing liquid is released into the device when the defined temperature is reached and the Thermo-Bulb bursts. After being initiated, the E-Bulb extinguishes the fire, and interrupts the electric current. Transition-free, the liquid immediately converts into gas. As a result of cooling and (partly) by oxygen reduction, a fire on a PCB will be extinguished within seconds. And, because the current flow over the E-Bulb is interrupted, the electric fire cannot re-ignite.


  • Easy to install & maintenance free
  • Operating temperatures (ambient, triggering) can be customised
  • Novec™ 3M™ poses no health hazard
  • Retrofittable into existing designs
  • Non-corrosive extinguishing agent Zero ODP / non-ozone hazard
  • Non-reactive with other materials
  • Can be used as a passive fire detection and extinguishing device (no power interruption)
  • Non-conductive extinguishing agent
  • Reduces alternative fault protection needs on PCBs


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