E-DETECT is the latest groundbreaking fire safety solution from Helios. E-DETECT monitors electrical connections throughout a building, and in the event of an electrical fault – and potential fire risk – will deliver an instant alert to relevant personnel.

The addition of E-DETECT to our market-leading Helios range means that we can help protect your building from the risk of fire through its entire lifecycle, from initial construction through to final install and on-going occupation. By implementing a pre-ignition solution, you can stop electrical fires before they start, reducing the risk of damage to your property and the safety of its occupants.

E-DETECT has been designed specifically as a pre-ignition solution to stop electrical fires from happening. This simple, effective monitoring of electrical components, connections and equipment enables the prompt detection of abnormal heat, transforming a serious electrical fire risk into a simple maintenance issue. E-DETECT offers you comprehensive protection throughout the electrical system, from individual appliances through to distribution boards and similar electrical connections. The system combines sensitive heat detection with wireless communications technology, to create a fully integrated system that not only stops fire from starting but alerts your maintenance team to ensure the problem is quickly addressed.

E-Detect Product Range

  • Multi point sensor – monitor temperatures at connection points within electrical consumer units and distribution boards. Suitable for both early warning of fire risk, as well as option to isolate fault via an RCD.
  • Single point sensor (PTC) – designed to allow single point detection within electrical appliances, for example, vending machines and photocopiers.
  • Single point sensor (Non-PTC) – designed to allow single point detection within electrical distribution boards and to monitor electricity supplier equipment.


  • 24/7 heat monitoring ideal for consumer units, distribution boards, appliances and more
  • Can be easily fitted in new and existing consumer units and distribution boards
  • Immediate alert to key personnel via phone, mobile device, fire alarm system or BMS
  • Patented technology independently tested and compliant with all wiring regulations
  • Option to disconnect power to isolate fault, where supply is via an RCD

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