Helios becomes UK supplier of ATEXON systems

Helios Fire Systems announces an exciting distribution deal with Atexon (an IEP company) for both Spark Detection and Explosion Protection systems. Atexon is used across a variety of industrial applications, such as wood, bioenergy, recycling, paper, food, textile or plastics – any environment where dust, vapour and chemicals may react. 

Combustible dust-air mixtures often occur in pneumatic and mechanical transfer systems that handle particulate solids, like dust collection systems. Combustion is at risk of occurring during any industrial process that generates dust or extracts dust particles during manufacturing, in areas like crushers, elevators or sawmills. With an Atexon Explosion Suppression system, these vessels have swift detections in place, with the system adjusting the pressure increase and releasing explosion suppressant.

In addition, the VF300EX Spark Detection system offers a 180° field of view, detecting sparks which emit visible light and also hot particles which produce ‘invisible’ light. Traditionally, this would have required two separate detectors. The detector is suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres and is ATEX Zone 20, 21 and 22 certified.

Garry Adey, MD at Helios Fire Systems says: “The systems can detect and extinguish ignition sources within a millisecond, whether that be visible or invisible sparks, embers, flames or hot particles – anywhere the temperature exceeds 300°C. Sensors immediately alert the control panel and sound an alarm, while checking the rest of the system for overheating and the right pressure levels. We’re delighted to be the official supplier of this system from Atexon and IEP.”

Rob Johnson, Regional Sales Engineer at IEP Technologies (part of the HOERBIGER Safety Group) adds: “We look forward to actively contributing to Helios fire systems state-of-the-art solutions for the protection of people and assets. Helios is key to delivering growth in the UK market for Spark and Explosion Protection systems.”

To find out more about both of these systems available exclusively in the UK from Helios Fire Solutions, click here for our product page